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Advice on Full Mouth Implants

Before and after full mouth implants – Is it for you?


orthodontist working on a model for Full Mouth Implants Image by Dentist and Co.

If you’ve been having a lot of dental problems then you may require full mouth implants without even realising it. Most reputable dentists highly recommend it particularly in the case of extensive tooth loss. You’ve got to wonder though, what is it all about and is it truly the right solution for you?

Now as you might have already seen in pictures of full mouth dental implants, such a procedure is designed to instantly replace multiple missing teeth in one fell swoop. Patients can expect a full set of perfectly aligned teeth after the operation improving their appearance as well as enabling them to talk and eat better. How exactly is this so?


How do full mouth implants work?

Recommendations and advice on full mouth dental implants are often given by dentists for patients that have suffered extensive damage in their dental features as a result of an accident. That said, people who’ve lost most if not all of their teeth due to severe periodontal diseases can benefit from the operation just as well. You can check out before and after pictures of full mouth implants to get a good idea about what the procedure can do for you.

It’s a complicated procedure and one that revolves around replacing lost teeth by anchoring four titanium rods to hold the replacement teeth in place. Unlike traditional dental implants, there’s no need to operate on every single tooth that needs to be replaced. This makes full mouth implants a lot less invasive and easier to recover from. Granted the cost of full teeth replacement can be significant but most people would agree that its definitely well worth it considering its benefits.

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