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What can you Expect Out of a Centre for Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry?

a team of experts at cosmetic and implant dentistryLooking to pay your dentist a visit to obtain dental implants and obtain the perfect set of teeth you’ve always wanted? People can lose a few (if not most) of their teeth for many reasons – accidents or injuries, tooth decay and other periodontal diseases, congenital defects, etc. Such an implant offers a permanent solution that perfectly mimics natural teeth in both form and function. One can even visit an all on 4 clinic and obtain a full set of teeth immediately after the initial procedure. How awesome is that?

You’ve got to wonder though; what are some of the things that you need to know about obtaining such an implant? The opportunity to restore their smile is a big step for people who have long been struggling with missing teeth. That said, there are a few things that you’d want to be mindful about when visiting any centre for aesthetic & implant dentistry if only to ensure the best possible results.

Dental implants and cosmetic dental surgery in Moonee Ponds

Indeed there are a few things that you should consider when getting dental implants from any dental clinic in Moonee Ponds or anywhere else in Australia for that matter. For one thing, you’d have to ensure that your dental care provider has the necessary qualifications to offer dental implants in the first place. Most people tend to think that they can get dental implants from any regular dentists which just isn’t true. How exactly is this so?

Now just as we have specialists doctors like Ophthalmologists and Gynaecologists, the same thing can be said about the dental profession in that there are specialist dentists known as Orthodontists that concern themselves with treating irregularities in bite and tooth alignment. Hence any dental treatment plan that involves implants for missing or crooked teeth should be performed by a qualified and highly reputable orthodontist. Only then can you expect to obtain that perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

Why is it important to maintain an attractive smile and a complete set of teeth you ask? Well it’s simply because you teeth is an essential part of your appearance. Whether you realise it or not, the state of one’s teeth affects how you perceive yourself and that of others. The loss of one’s teeth can strike a blow to one’s confidence and quality of life. Fortunately these days, such problems are easily mitigated by your friendly dentist and gentle dental work in the form of implant dentistry.

Verifying the qualifications of your dental group in Burwood Junction

Indeed it’s important to ensure that you’re getting dental implants from an orthodontist but how are we to know that we’re actually dealing with the right one? It’s a good question especially when there are regular dentists out there presenting themselves as orthodontists just so they could offer more expensive dental treatments. Fortunately, there are a couple of things that you can look out for one of which are professional affiliations. All Orthodontists are certified members by reputable organisations like the ASO (Australian Society of Orthodontists) and the Australasian Orthodontic Board (AOB). You can verify the qualifications of your orthodontist through these organisations that often maintain records of orthodontists that they are affiliated with. It’s not much trouble and doing so would ensure that you’re talking to a specialist that uphold the highest ethical and professional standards as required by their respective organisations. More importantly, it’d be more difficult for patients to seek any form of accountability when opting for someone that lack such affiliations.

Becoming a member of organisations mentioned above is no easy feat and an orthodontist is expected to meet and uphold strict standards in their profession. This includes attaining some of the highest levels of qualification in the dental practice which include:

  • Completion of a 5 years Bachelor’s Degree in dentistry as foundation of excellent dental services. Here, an orthodontist obtains the knowledge, skills and etiquette required to provide dental care to their respective patients
  • Completion of a Master’s Degree in Orthodontics (3 years or more than 4,000 hours of post-graduate specialisation). This is the stage where an orthodontists obtains the skills and qualifications as a specialist dentist diagnosing and treating a full range of dental and oral care problems. This includes the use and implementation of complex dental appliances like braces, clear aligners and of course – dental implants, just to mention a few

Looking to get started with an orthodontist that definitely fits the bill? You can expect nothing less out of Dentist and Co! Call us today on 02 9810 3044 and get all the help you need getting dental implants for a complete set of beautiful and natural looking teeth!

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