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What can Zoom Teeth Whitening in Sydney do for you?

Image by Dentist and CoZoom teeth whitening in Sydney is among the most highly sought after oral treatments out there and that comes to no surprise if you are ever desperate to whiten your teeth effectively. After all, a gleaming and attractive looking set of pearly whites is a huge boon to your appearance whether you realise it or not.

Now sadly whiter and more lovely teeth don’t come simple for most people. This is typically attributed to bad eating habits and a fast-paced lifestyle. Without even knowing it, people take in foods that significantly stain your teeth. Discolouration that are difficult to eliminate by brushing alone. You may have also a lot of commercially readily available teeth whitening products with unacceptable outcomes. This is where professional zoom teeth whitening in Australia comes in.


A review on zoom teeth whitening

If you have actually had a look at any of the number of zoom teeth whitening reviews out there then you’d understand that it’s a professional teeth whitening treatment and an exceptionally reliable one at that. How does it work however? Is it the best teeth whitening solution out there?

In Zoom teeth lightening, your teeth is coated with a compound that responds to UV radiation. It is this response that removes tooth discolouration as the lightening agents penetrate the enamel restoring its tidy and attractive look from the inside out.

Such a treatment takes up to an hour for your teeth bleaching dentist to administer although issues about UV radiation have pushed enhancements to decrease direct exposure even further (as short as 15 minutes).


Cost of Philips zoom teeth whitening

As a professional cosmetic oral treatment, the expense of zoom teeth whitening tend to cost a lot more than any commercially available DIY teeth whitening product in the market.  Zoom teeth whitening specials cost around $800 to $1000 on average. Still, most people would agree that it is well worth it. Results can last up to 3 years and the procedure takes less than an hour to complete. How awesome is that?

Ready to get started? We at “Dentist and Co” would be more than happy to help! Call us today on 02 9810 3044 and learn everything that you need to know about what zoom teeth whitening can do for you.

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