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Cosmetic Dentist Versus General Dentist

What is the difference between a general and cosmetic dentist?

a picture of a general and cosmetic dentistDentists are oral health care professionals that aid us in taking good care of our teeth. We know that much but over the years, dentistry has progressed to a point that it has become difficult for people to choose which field of dentistry they should be seeing for their dental problems. One good example is the difference between a cosmetic dentist and a general dentist.

Now one thing that you need to know about the dental profession is that just like any doctor, they can choose to specialise in different things:

  • Prosthodontist vs cosmetic dentist; prosthodontists are dentists that specialises in tooth replacement – implants, dentures, etc. Cosmetic dentists on the other hand focuses on dental treatments  designed to improve the appearance and not necessarily the function one’s teeth and gums.
  • Difference between general dentist and endodontist; the former is a primary dental care provider concerned with the proper diagnosis, treatment and management of your dental health. This includes administering tooth fillings, dental crowns, gum care and educating patients about dental health. Endodontists on the other hand are specialists for a particular type of complex dental treatment – like a root canal therapy. While a general dentist occasionally handles root canal therapy to save a diseased and heavily decayed tooth, they usually refer extensive and problematic cases to an endodontist. The latter limit their practice to root canal treatments and offer a more precise and higher quality dental services for saving a heavily decayed tooth.

Knowing all these, it’s easy to see how cosmetic dentists differ from a general dentist. For one thing, the latter caters to the needs of patients with dental problems that absolutely needs to be rectified to preserve function and oral health. The services of a cosmetic dentist on the other hand is almost always optional and is more concerned about improving the appearance of one’s teeth. Having said that, both dental professions are similar in that they often find themselves doing the same thing; restoring and repairing teeth. Intention is where these two fields of dentistry generally differ.

Choosing the right general and cosmetic dentist

Now that we know a thing or two about how a cosmetic dentist differs from that of a general dentist, what do you need to know about choosing the right one? How do you find a good cosmetic dentist?

Well it’s not as difficult as you might think; you can take a look at the general or cosmetic dentists in your area and filter them out according to the kind of dental treatment that you need done. It doesn’t matter what type of dentists you’re looking to see; it’s important that they know exactly what they’re doing and have built a trusted reputation around it. After all, you wouldn’t want to get a root canal treatment from a general dentist who has only done the procedure a few times in the past now would you?

Of course you’d also want to consider the qualifications of your chosen dental care expert. Do they have any business offering dental care services in the first place? A general dentist should have completed 4 years of dental school. Your cosmetic dentist spends a few more years undergoing a rigorous specialisation program to be duly recognised by the Australian Dental Association.

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