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The Cost and Procedure Behind Wisdom Teeth Removal In Sydney

x ray of patient in need of wisdom teeth removal in BalmainAre you looking for information about wisdom teeth removal? It’s not a pleasant thought but in some cases, undergoing such a dental procedure may be necessary for a number of reasons. The said tooth can cause overcrowding or there might be a problem with regards to the angle in which the wisdom tooth is growing in. In any case, you’ll have to arrange an appointment with your dental care provider on how best to go about it and verify that you are indeed a good candidate for the procedure.

Now one of the first things you might be wondering about is whether or not it’s actually necessary. In many cases, wisdom teeth and its removal isn’t always required even with a third molar growing in so long as you have room for them. You can expect a good dental care provider to discuss the necessity of the procedure with you and address any concerns you may have about the matter. In most cases, extraction is only recommended if the wisdom tooth is causing overcrowding or growing at a problematic angle. A teeth X-ray is taken to confirm the diagnosis and verify that extraction is indeed necessary.

The cost of wisdom teeth removal

Yet another important matter that you’re probably wondering about is the price of wisdom tooth extraction in Sydney. As you may have already realised, it’s not as simple as your regular tooth extraction and cost can be much higher. Operating on an impacted wisdom tooth will always requires anaesthetics which will of course add to the expense. Hence it’s important to learn about the expenses up front including the amount covered by insurance (if any).

So how much does wisdom removal cost? Well it depends; the average cost for a simple extraction can be as low as $130 to $200 per wisdom tooth. For a more complicated extraction performed by a specialist, that amount can easily soar to $400 per tooth. If you require general anaesthetics, an oral surgeon will be called upon to perform the procedure and can easily cost you $1500 to $3000. To get an accurate estimate, talk to a dentist for a preliminary analysis and a detailed dental treatment plan.

Wisdom tooth extraction

Indeed the process of wisdom tooth removal is different from that of your regular tooth extraction. It’s more invasive and complex; requiring a form of minor oral surgery which in most cases can be performed by a regular dentist.

Local anaesthetics are applied on the wisdom tooth to be removed followed by a mild dose of general anaesthetics. Incisions are then made on the surrounding gums to remove bones and other debris blocking the extraction of the wisdom tooth. In some cases, the wisdom tooth itself is cut open; your dentist will determine the best approach and explain them to you well beforehand. Once the wisdom tooth is extracted, stitches are then made to seal up the incision. If deemed unnecessary, a gauze is merely applied to mitigate bleeding and get the wound to clot. After the procedure, most patients are well enough to drive themselves home with the exception of sedatives that were strong enough to completely put you under. It would be best to follow your dentist’s advice on the matter.

As for recovery time off work, you can expect the pain and discomfort to disappear within the first week after the extraction. Full recovery however can take a couple of weeks. Patients can get back to their regular routine as soon as the pain subsides and they feel well enough to return to work. You’ll also be given general instructions on wisdom tooth removal aftercare including restrictions to one’s diet (only soft food) and not to use mouthwash, floss nor brush your teeth for the first 24 hours after the procedure. You’ll also be advised to get plenty of rest until the next day and drink plenty of water to keep the gums hydrated.

What qualifies for emergency wisdom tooth removal?

In some cases, extraction of wisdom tooth can be treated as a medical emergency and must be performed immediately. Get in touch with your dentist as quickly as possible in the event of a sudden and excruciating pain in the molar regions. You can try to alleviate the pain before seeing your dentist by rinsing your teeth in warm water. The pain can also be caused by debris lodged in your molar and you can try using a dental floss to alleviate the pain. If none of this helps, it is likely that the pain is caused by a serious infection that needs to be treated by your dentist right away.

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