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Invisalign Reviews of Cosmetic Dentists

invisible aligners provided by an invisalign dentist in SydneyA highly recommended cosmetic dentist in Sydney almost always advises patients about the use of invisalign braces for patients who are in need of dental alignment and for good reason. These dental care providers specialise in dental aesthetics and invisalign doesn’t interfere with the procedure.

As a matter of fact, invisalign braces are practically invisible (hence it’s name) unlike other less obvious alternatives to metal braces such as coloured braces and incognito braces.

If you are in need of dental alignment and not too keen about having your teeth lined up with unsightly metal brackets then you can’t go wrong with invisalign braces. These braces are comprised of transparent aligners fabricated specifically to suit structure of your teeth.

More importantly these braces can be just as effective as traditional ones although you’ll have to change aligners every few weeks or so to match changes in teeth alignment and produce the desired results. This means more dental appointments and a longer dental treatment plan. Still most people would agree that these are a minor inconveniences to a good alternative that offers the full benefit of dental alignment minus the unsightly metal brackets.

Another reason why invisalign is immensely popular and readily offered by some of the best cosmetic dentists is the fact that it is removable. Most people find that it’s a lot more comfortable and convenient as you can remove them during meals and when brushing or flossing your teeth; tasks that often take some getting used to with metal braces.

Prices for invisalign treatments and cosmetic dentistry in Sydney


Now that you have a good idea about how invisalign braces can be the perfect dental solution for you, you are probably wondering — how much does it cost? As dental treatment geared towards aesthetics, you can expect it to cost significantly more than regular braces.

Invisalign braces start at around $4,500 for minor cases of dental alignment and up to $9000 for a full treatment (upper and lower arch). Although it doesn’t cost nearly as much as porcelain veneers, it is still a significant investment for most people. It doesn’t help that most insurance companies will not cover it as it’s widely regarded as a cosmetic dental treatment. Fortunately, most dental clinics won’t expect you to pay for the braces upfront and offer flexible payment plans and financing options.

Help your cosmetic dentist get you the best results


Invisalign is a good option for dental alignment but to get excellent results, you have got to help your dental care provider every bit you can. Proper dental alignment through invisalign doesn’t just depend on the knowledge and skills of your cosmetic dentist – you also have a responsibility in the matter particularly when it comes to following your dental treatment plan.

You can start by committing yourself to be as patient as possible throughout the treatment. Results will take time and you can expect numerous dental appointments throughout the process. It is vital that you show up as scheduled for your dentist to monitor the progress of your treatment and swap or make changes to the aligners as necessary. You are also responsible for maintaining good oral hygiene throughout the treatment. This includes brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and cleaning your invisalign braces as recommended by your dentist.

You also have to make sure that you are wearing your invisalign braces most hours of the day — at least 20 hours each day– if only to expedite the straightening process. The alignment trays are removable for convenience; if you forget to wear it for any reason then you won’t be getting the desired results regardless of how skilled or knowledgeable your dentist is.

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