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Must-ask Questions about Root Canal Therapy

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Are you interested in a
root canal therapy in Sydney? It used to be that any injury or disease in the dental nerves almost always results to the loss of a tooth. Fortunately that is no longer the case and its all thanks to root canal therapy.

Granted, the cost of root canal treatment can be quite significant and may take up to 3 visits to complete but its an opportunity to save a tooth that you could otherwise lose due to injury or decay. Most people would agree that the cost is certainly well worth it. That said, you do have have to know a few things if you are to make the most out of the treatment. You can start by making sure that you ask your root canal specialist in Sydney the right questions. Let’s get right to it!

Perfectly good questions that you need to ask about root canal therapy in Sydney


What exactly is it?

All that most people know about crown root canal therapy is that it it lets you save teeth that is bound to fall out due to decay. Hence one is often more concerned about finding the most affordable root canal treatment with no idea about how it works and what its all about.

Now as you may already know, every tooth houses a “pulp” that supplies it with nutrients. Connected to the root via nerve endings; the tooth dies off if the pulp succumbs to disease. This is where so called root canal therapy actually comes in; a root canal specialist can help you salvage the situation by extracting the damaged pulp and by reinforcing the root canal. The tooth is then sealed and strengthened by fitting a “crown” directly on top of it.

Do you really need it?

If you have a diseased or injured pulp then yes unless you don’t mind losing a tooth or two. Many make the mistake of simply waiting it out to see if the situation resolves on its own which is hardly ever the case. Left untreated, the infection creates an abscess at the root damaging the surrounding jaw bone and causing the tooth to fall out.

How long will it last?

A tooth restored through root canal therapy in Sydney can last a lifetime so long as the roots are able to obtain nourishment from nearby tissues. Regular brushing and good oral hygiene also helps.

What are the risks?

Root canal therapy is relatively safe and highly effective so long as the infection does not reach the bone tissues at which point it is literally impossible to save the tooth and patients are better served with dental implants.

Certain complications like root fracture is possible if the infection continues undetected although such cases are extremely rare.

What can you expect in terms of recovery?

Patients can expect to deal with some discomfort and tissue inflammation for the first few days after the treatment. If necessary, your dentist can prescribe some analgesics to better manage recovery. The important thing is that you allow your dentist to closely monitor your progress by following all post-operative instructions to the letter which includes showing up for your scheduled appointments.

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