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What do You need to Know about Wisdom Tooth Removal in Sydney?

Image by Dentist and CoAre you reading up reviews about wisdom teeth removal and wondering what it is all about? Perhaps you have just gone for a dental check up and the procedure was recommended by your dentist? In any case, it is not an enjoyable thought but necessary nonetheless.


An impacted wisdom tooth can trigger overcrowding and misalignment, or there may be an issue with concerns to the angle where the wisdom tooth is growing. To prevent said problems, visit your dental care provider to determine how to get the dental work done and whether you are an ideal candidate for wisdom tooth extraction


A review of wisdom teeth removal – is it really necessary?

Now one of the things you might be wondering about is whether wisdom tooth removal is needed at all. Your situation may not be a wisdom tooth dental emergency with pain, swelling or infection. In many cases, a dentist may advise against wisdom tooth removal as it is not always required even with a third molar growing out that is if you have room for them. However, a conclusion can only be drawn out after a thorough dental examination.


A dentist can diagnose a problematic wisdom tooth via a tooth x-ray. If the said tooth is growing at an angle that is bound to cause overcrowding or damage to surrounding teeth, your dentist will then recommend an extraction.


Cost of wisdom teeth removal in Balmain

So how much can you expect to pay for wisdom tooth removal? As you have surely realised, it’s not as easy as regular tooth extraction and the cost can be much higher. Operating on an impacted knowledge tooth will need anaesthetics which further drives up cost. Hence it is important to find out about the expenses in advance and while you are at it, check with your insurance company to see if they can shoulder a percentage of the cost.


The average cost of removing wisdom tooth primarily depend on the complexity of the procedure. A simple extraction can be as little as $130 to $200 per wisdom tooth. For a more complex extraction carried out by a specialist, that amount can easily skyrocket to $400 per tooth. If you need general anaesthetics, an oral cosmetic surgeon will be called upon to perform the treatment and will charge you around  $1500 to $3000.



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