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No More Pain with Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

an expert on cosmetic dentistry for childrenAre you having trouble getting your child to see a dentist? Most kids dread the thought of ever having to see a dentist expecting to go through unbearable pain. Who can blame them? Even some adults fear the same thing. What parents should realise though is that giving in to such fears will only worsen their children’s dental health problems. How exactly is this so?

Now it’s perfectly normal for children to feel anxious about their dental visits but letting their dental problems go on unchecked often leads to more serious periodontal diseases. Problems that will require more complicated dental treatments to rectify such as dental implants and root canal treatment. Fortunately thanks to the many advances in modern dentistry, children can now benefit from a more comfortable and painless approach collectively known as “pediatric sedation dentistry”.

Sedation dentistry for kids

Indeed your child need not fret at the thought of having to see a dentist for any dental problems he or she might be having. Gone were the days when dentistry for children almost always involved going through some pain and discomfort. Sedation dentistry gives children no reason to fear their upcoming appointment with their dentist. You need only assure your child that there’ll be no pain during the procedure and their dentist will deliver.

Concerns about child sedation dentistry

Of course when sedatives are involved, most parents can’t help but feel concerned. Doubts about Safety in pediatric dental sedation can lead parents to dismiss the idea entirely. That said, it’ helps to know how such techniques are generally carried out and what to look out for.

So the question remains – is sedation dentistry safe for children? This practice in pediatric dentistry is generally carried out in 3 ways:

Gaseous pediatric sedation

Involves the use of nitrous oxide or more commonly known as “laughing gas”. It’s the most common type of dental sedation and one that dentists often prefer as it does not yield any adverse side effects. The said gas has an euphoric effect, numbing pain sensitivity while the child’s mind remains alert throughout the procedure. Your child recovers quickly from the sedatives and are right back to their playful selves a short while after the appointment. For this reason, this approach is considered the safest in pediatric dentistry sedation.

Oral pediatric sedation

Are generally prescriptive pain medications taken by children prior to their dental appointment. Dosage is prescribed according to the duration of the dental procedure. Oral sedation has the advantage of keeping children relaxed as the sedatives starts to take effect even before stepping into the dental clinic. Similar to gaseous sedation, oral sedation does not affect your child’s consciousness and is just as safe.

IV sedation

As part of the pediatric dental sedation guidelines, pediatric dentist only recommend that a child take sedatives intravenously as a last resort. This is due to the fact that general anaesthetics always entail some risks as it puts the child completely under. If necessary, a licensed anaesthesiologist must be present to oversee the procedure.

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