Sterilisation and Infection Control

Sterilisation and Infection Control

Your health and safety is our priority, employing best practice when it comes to hygiene & cleaning is a job that requires constant attention and awareness, and we are proud of the work our sterilisation unit accomplishes on a daily basis.

In unison with our approach to keeping instruments clean and hygienic, we also share a comprehensive commitment to patient and staff safety that extends to everyone in our practice.

We are committed to keeping you safe, our staff safe, and anyone that walks in to our practice can be assured that we have taken every measure possible to make sure that your dental treatment is performed in a safe, comfortable and clean environment.

Dentist & Co are a fully accreditation clinic. This means we have independent recognition of our high standard of care towards all our patients. We have always welcome all of our patients to view our processes, it’s called our “open door policy”.

What is Accreditation?
QIP is a voluntary accreditation that demonstrates a dental practice is committed to providing excellent dental care, and is continuously improving its level of care for patients. The accreditation is based on integrating National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS) into everyday practice and patient safety standards.

The Australia Dental Association alongside QIP established this accreditation process for dental practices. The process focuses on the six National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards that are applicable to dentistry.

How does our Accreditation effect you?
It is a significant achievement for us, as it assures our patients that we currently provide a very high standard of care, and are committed to maintaining and improving the procedures and policies used within our dental practice. Accreditation also ensures these high standards are continually evaluated.

When you choose a QIP Accredited Practice you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing all of our staff have been properly and efficiently educated and trained. Your risks are reduced as we use strict levels of infection control, and you can rest easy in the dental chair, knowing our dental practice has been proven to provide amongst the highest standards of patient care available.


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