The Facility

Dentist & Co is Sydney’s leading destination for advanced dental care. Our facility is dual-accredited, exceeding the highest infection control and hygiene standards.

Our independent clinicians, including Dentists and Oral Health Therapists, are industry recognised as premier experts in their respective fields. We utilize the latest and most advanced dental equipment and technologies to deliver safer and more efficient dental services. Some of the highlights include:

  • Advanced infection control sterilisation and instrument tracking to ensure you are treated the safest way possible
  • Latest in digital imaging and diagnosis, enabling us to capture accurate and minute details with the lowest radiation
  • 3D digital scanners to map your teeth and gums
  • In-house digital printers for quick turnaround times
  • Same-day dentistry using Cerec which acts as an in-office dental laboratory to create porcelain fillings using CAD-CAM technology
  • Dental lasers for precise treatment with little or no post-operative pain or complications
  • Dental implants and digital planning for precise, safer, and more efficient treatment

Our staff are hand-picked and highly trained to offer you the best customer service to ensure your visit to the dentist is pleasant and stress-free. Our open-door policy encourages transparency between our clinic operations and patients.

We are committed to keeping you and our staff safe, and anyone who walks into our practice can be assured that we have taken every measure possible to ensure that your dental treatment is performed in a safe, comfortable, and clean environment.