Dr. Saade Saade

Bachelor Dental Surgery (Sydney University)

Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implants)

Dr Saade Saade is a senior Dentist with over 25 years experience in dentistry and the founder of Dentist & Co. Dr Saade has extensive experience in general, cosmetic and implant dentistry. Dr Saade is an expert in his field, a key opinion leader for multiple dental companies and a prime national and international lecturer. Dr Saade has been instrumental in passing a careers worth of knowledge to the next generations of dentists, ensuring he not only enriches his patients lives but also the lives of countless other patients treated by the dentists he had influenced.

Dr Saade has a keen interest in digital technologies in dentistry and has pioneered technologies and techniques to ensure more accurate and efficient dental treatments with less intervention and pain associated with complex dental treatments.

Dr Saade is dedicated to provide the highest quality dentistry where he can utilise the most up to date technologies to provide advanced dental treatment to his patients. Dr Saade regularly performs complex oral rehabilitations using dental implants and advanced cosmetic dental procedures.

“I believe that every one should enjoy a healthy smile. Whether given or attained, a beautiful and healthy smile exuberates confidence and well being. A great smile truly leaves a lasting impression. I strive to provide the best dental care possible in a pleasant environment where you feel you are completely informed and in control every step of the way”

Outside of dentistry, Dr Saade is a husband and a father of 4 children. He doesn’t have enough time to enjoy hobbies as dentistry and his frequent educational events he holds keep him too busy for anything else.

Treatment Highlights

  • Implant dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Digital dentistry
  • Orthodontics with clear aligners
  • Complex oral rehabilitation
  • Wisdom teeth and Oral Surgery