Angela Cornelius

Oral Health Therapist with Adult Scope

Bachelor of Oral Health from the University of Sydney

Angela has completed a Bachelor of Science with Class I Honours and Bachelor of Oral Health with extended adult scope at The University of Sydney. This allows her to provide a comprehensive range of preventative and restorative treatment for children and adults of all ages. This includes routine examinations, hygiene treatment, and the diagnosis and management of gum disease and tooth decay.

Angela thrives on empowering her patients with the knowledge and skills to maintain excellent oral and overall health. She is committed to providing her patients with evidence- based treatment options and expanding her knowledge through continuing education.

With a warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental nature, Angela endeavours to make each person she sees feel comfortable and that their needs are met. She is particularly passionate about paediatric dentistry and ensuring that your children grow up with the skills to keep a healthy smile for life.

Outside of dentistry, Angela enjoys spending time with her friends and family, reading, watching the latest Netflix series, going to the beach, and eating out.

Treatment Highlights

  • ¬†dental examinations
  • x-rays
  • dental hygiene
  • diagnosis and management of gum disease
  • diagnosis and management of tooth decay (all ages)
  • root treatment and extractions (children)
  • orthodontic assessments (children)
  • teeth whitening
  • sports mouthguards